What we do

The future of storytelling is fully immersive. Vimagine360 takes you right into the sphere, using state of the art 360° video production. Vimagine combines immersive imagery and visual storytelling.

Our mission

Virtual Reality is taking visual storytelling to the next level. It is a new and innovative way of journalistic narration, as well as a growing promotional strategy. Virtual Reality is rapidly becoming available and affordable to consumers all over the world.

Our content can be viewed on any computer, cell phone, mobile device and head-mounted display like Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR. To achieve the best results, we developed a web-based, interactive 360°-VR-player, which can be customized to any specific need.

Sascha Duennebacke

Director and documentary filmmaker for more than 20 years. Credits include ZDF, VOX, WDR, DMAX, RTL, NTV, SPIEGEL TV Wissen.

Eduardo Verillo

Creative technologist and full stack web developer, with more than 18 years experience designing and building websites and applications for clients such as United Nations, Tuborg, LVMH Group and many others.

Phil Thoma

Documentary filmmaker and TV editor, 360° video rigger, drone pilot. References include DER SPIEGEL, SPIEGEL TV, SPON, VOX, RegioTV, DMAX, Volkswagen, diffferent Strategieagentur, Blumberry.

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